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Specializing in pizza during breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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Top Reviewer
My fave pizza spot in the neighborhood. Never tried their other food, but the pizza is spot on. Quality ingredients, really nice flaky flavorful pizza crust (BIG plus in my book), and not stingy with the toppings. Thanks for the great food, keep it up!


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This is NOT a New York style pizza, but it was actually pretty good. You could say it's closer to a Chicago pizza. Delivery was fast and arrived by motorcycle. Pizza was warm even though it was snowing.


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Ordered a special pizza with special instructions, asked them to make it thin and crispy, and I received thin and crispy crusted pizza! Never happened from any other pizzeria!


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Ordered a LG Extra Cheese Pizza but got a medium but i guess its ok got a Chicken Roll ? I did not order but it was good and mozzarella sticks were nice and cheesy.


1 review
Love Skillman Pizza. My go to for all things quick and tasty. The only place that knows what well done/crispy means! The crew are all so friendly too!

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They are Beyond Exceptional.

Don't let the Affordable Prices Fool You : Skillman's Famous Pizza does not Scrimp on QUALITY Ingredients, Food, and Service.

I can say nothing bad about this establishment. Yes it's not "Fine Dining" but From a Delivery standpoint: everything from the Delivery Men who is extremely gracious to the fresh and undeniably delicious ingredients.

They take their time to make the food meticulously and mindfully. From the handmade, buttered, toasted, and cut croutons in my salad to my freshly juiced coconut juice / water that is the most decadent and nutrient-packed froth on the top. Their humbleness and graciousness greatly move me and I appreciate their effort and service - with all my thankfulness.

Anyone who feels the need- because they don't work in a Seamless restaurant or any service environment- and use this place to get their "hang over food" and they have some sort of Entitlement to be:
mean, rude, or condescending to the Delivery Men/Women, Employees, Etc because they don't speak perfect English: should be filled with SHAME. Realize: this City is FILLED with immigrants -those relocating to find a better opportunity and they outnumber you. So learn some Decency, Humility, Be Patient, and Learn to Speak their Language - if you complain that they don't speak perfect English.
That "critique" / "complaint" is not Valid.

Other than that: I waited for a while and held back many instances before writing this Review only to say: They will never disappoint.
They aim to please.

If something slightly off comes through on my order, not a big deal at all. It's usually very minimal and finite. They are human and those who order Delivery and write scathing reviews happen to forget that.


2 reviews
I order from here weekly. Always the same thing and I'm always thinking "I hope they're not judging me for ordering so often" lol, but the delivery is always super quick and the guys who deliver are always very friendly. They forgot my soda once and I told them not to worry about it, but 10 minutes later my buzzer was ringing and there he was with my soda!

They're awesome, the food is always consistent and they won't judge you for constantly ordering from them (at least not to your face). I recommend!


1 review
The pizza was incredible! The crust was thin and it seemed made it those wood-fire ovens! Their cutlet hero was huge and so good too. Very happy with them and will order again. Sooo please Skillmans team keep it up so I do t have to change this post :)


Top Reviewer
good food, consistent. they did neglect to include one item in my order and it was a little more of an ordeal to get that corrected than i would've liked, but unusual based on my history with them


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The delivery time is almost always less than the estimated time. They have an excellent greek salad. The pizza is pretty good. The delivery guys and gals are always very nice.

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